Using 3D Scanning for Project Closeouts

In the building industry project lifecycle, the last construction stage is the project closeout. You gather the final documentation or deliverables and assemble them to present them to your client. It is crucial to maintain accuracy in these deliverables to thoroughly walk your client through the stages of construction and decisions made to reach the final result. That’s where we can help.

Leverage 3D Scanning For Closeouts

3D scanning provides a precise means of capturing existing condition details. It allows you to establish a visual representation of the space to make the relevant changes required to efficiently give your client the result they hope to achieve.

Manually measuring spaces will give you a hard time in the closeout process. Siteline360 gives you a boost in your construction projects by scanning all the spaces for you, helping you gather and organize data and deliverables to make your closeout job easier.

You can keep tabs on the initial designs, the rejected ones, the approved ones, and the modified ones. It allows you to make a strong impression on your clients during the closeout, enhancing the chances of a long-term relationship.

Benefits of 3D Scanning in Closeouts

3D scanning enhances the quality and productivity in all stages of project management, including the closeouts.

Accuracy in Deliverables

It helps you achieve accurate measurements and map out the precise size and location of objects. Based on that, you can provide accurate and detailed reports in the closeout.

Efficient and Swift Process

With everything digitized using Siteline360 3D Scanning services, the closeouts of projects are efficient and quick. Aside from a smooth design process, 3D scanning allows you to make informed decisions throughout the project to make the closeout stage a breeze.

Long-Term Success

If there are issues in the closeout documents or deliverables, it can negatively impact your relationship with the client and reduces the possibility of long-term work. Using Siteline360 3D Scanning services, you can ensure long-term success by avoiding issues during closeouts.

Maintaining accurate measurement and progress records through 3D scanning creates increased value in the closeout package of the contractors.