Using 3D Scanning for Digital Twins

Understanding the things innovative technology can do for your business is crucial. Incorporating digital twins can strongly impact your projects by enhancing profitability, optimizing productivity, and maximizing resource utilization.

Siteline360 offers your business 3D Scanning Services that accurately capture data incorporated into your digital workflow so that you can enjoy both immediate and long-lasting benefits for your business. 3D Scanning is a technology that is utilized as a part of the process for creating a digital twin. 3D Scanning is used to document existing structures and document progress in a construction project, especially when utilizing scan-to-BIM.

Understanding Digital Twins

A Digital Twin is a complete double of the physical space, including the geometry you gain from scanning, but it is also certainly more than just that. Sensors, cameras, safety, security, and building automation systems all connect to the Digital Twin.

Digital Twin utilizes augmented and virtual reality to create a 3D virtual model of a building, product, service, system, or process.

It generates an accurate replica of the physical world to help you analyze and monitor the project, predict and remove potential problems, decrease downtime, and control the overall product cycle.

It can drastically impact the overall design and construction phase and allow you to provide a much better deliverable to your client when working on a building project or more.

Solutions Offered by 3D Scanning for As-Built Conditions

3D scanning for as-built conditions gives all involved consultants accurate information and cuts down on duplication of efforts during the design review process so the team can identify loopholes and inaccuracies.

You can divide your projects into different phases through the following accurate drawings:

Measured Drawings

To represent an existing structure in the documentation phase, measured drawings can be used to document the existing and demolition conditions model. 3D scanning ensures you measure the existing structure accurately to effectively plan the project.

As-Built Drawings

3D scanning for as-built conditions is ideal for design review as well as design authoring (new conditions modeling). The as-built drawings highlight the changes in the original design throughout the construction phase. The accuracy and frequency of making these as-built drawing is key to fixing inaccuracies and critical issues in time using 3D coordination.

Record Drawings

3D scanning creates record drawings that are the final drafts created for any on-site changes. These are required for state or local regulations, insurance purposes, and documentation.