Using 3D Scanning for As-Built Conditions

With 3D scanning, any structure can be scanned for as-built conditions to get precise measurements faster with less time on site. Our 3D scanning services can create an accurate model based on the point cloud to incorporate ongoing changes are critical for clash detection.

Solutions Offered by 3D Scanning for As-Built Conditions

3D scanning for as-built conditions gives all involved consultants accurate information and cuts down on duplication of efforts during the design review process so the team can identify loopholes and inaccuracies.

You can divide your projects into different phases through the following accurate drawings:

Using 3D Scanning for As-Built Conditions

To represent an existing structure in the documentation phase, measured drawings can be used to document the existing and demolition conditions model. 3D scanning ensures you measure the existing structure accurately to effectively plan the project.

As-Built Drawings

3D scanning for as-built conditions is ideal for design review as well as design authoring (new conditions modeling). The as-built drawings highlight the changes in the original design throughout the construction phase. The accuracy and frequency of making these as-built drawing is key to fixing inaccuracies and critical issues in time using 3D coordination.

Record Drawings

3D scanning creates record drawings that are the final drafts created for any on-site changes. These are required for state or local regulations, insurance purposes, and documentation.

Benefits of Using 3D Scanning for As-Built Conditions

The benefits of using 3D scanning are extensive. Here is how using 3D scanning for as-built conditions can improve your project management:

Prioritize Safety

With each project, comes a unique set of safety concerns. These concerns can be visualized and addressed via 3D scanning services to eliminate the trial and error process by meeting all the safety protocols and regulations.

Improve Communication

Using 3D scanning services for as-built conditions enhances the communication between all parties involved in the project, from business executives to engineers. It drastically reduces the misinterpretation risk.

Shorten Timelines

We help to create an accurate model of the as-built conditions in a matter of days instead of weeks. In fact, save even more time by reducing misinterpretation and miscommunication through visual 3D scanning.

Elevate Quality

The entire project is thoroughly evaluated in the planning stage through visualization, allowing you to detect any potential problems that would otherwise reduce the quality of the project.

Reduce Costs

Since it helps document unknown potential problems, 3D scanning limits potential conflicts to avoid on-site change orders, saving overall project costs.