3D Scanning

Save yourself time and frustration by eliminating mistakes and being better organized using 3D scanning.

How many times have you had to send a team back to a site to either obtain missing measurements or correct inaccurate ones? Probably more times than you care to admit.

How much time have you wasted, not to mention the aggravation of having to sort through dozens of memory disks to find the image you’re looking for? Probably a number you would like to forget.

Wouldn’t it be great to capture objects accurately and organize data in a way so you can have it all at your fingertips? No more wasting man-hours traveling back and forth to project sites or trolling through thousands of images. That’s where 3D scanning accelerates at. It can capture objects within 0.11811 of an inch, takes 360-degree high-resolution photos, saves everything into a point cloud file, and efficiently organizes the files for easy access when needed.

But that’s not all. Converting your scans to BIM files will help avoid MEP conflicts, reduce order changes, and improve collaboration and project management.

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From 3D scanning to creating BIM models, we can help you with your next project.

"Siteline360 provided accurate, detailed, and timely 3d scanning for our two recent historic restorations projects. The intricacies of detailing were completely captured in the scans. This saved us weeks of field measuring time, provided more information than we could ever document by hand measuring, and will help us avoid costly change orders during construction for unforeseen conditions."

Tracy S. Kozak
JSA Design

Why Use 3D Scanning?

Through accuracy, speed, and safety, 3D scanning improves productivity on a project by creating efficiency.

How Specific Industries Use 3D Scanning

Capturing existing conditions, monitoring jobsite evolution, analyzing built environment discrepancies, and more.