Why Use MEP Coordination?

One of the most significant project challenges is coordination. With so many independent parties involved, it’s very complicated to keep mistakes to a minimum, especially when arranging MEP components. Creating a BIM model will help improve communication between the teams and reveal any design conflicts before construction even begins.

How Do Our 3D Scanning and MEP Coordination Services Work Together to Help?

Using 3D scanning in the early stages of project planning is a wise addition to your workflow, especially when dealing with as-built conditions. After our scan technician creates a point cloud file, he will hand off the file to our team of BIM experts, who then import it into Revit. They will review the files and generate a clash detection report for you to provide conflict resolution feedback.

Once the model has been corrected and is clash-free, the team will provide you with the following files:

  1. Coordinated Model (Revit File)
  2. Coordinated Exported Model (NWD File)
  3. Clash Report (Excel file)
  4. Clash Report Support Files

The Benefits of Using MEP Coordination

Identifying conflicts early and resolving them before construction begins helps prevent on-site delays, re-work, wasted materials, wasted manpower, and cost overrun.