Industry Applications

As industry needs grow, we’ll grow, providing you services and products that contribute to improving the building lifecycle.


Whether our client needs to capture measurement points or photorealistic highly accurate point clouds, our scanning and modeling services empower them to build with confidence.


Eliminate mistakes by working with collaborative models in the field. Our services allow our clients to head off problems before they materialize.


Academia prides itself upon its interrogation of the potential in emerging thoughts and technologies. Test the limits of our cutting-edge 3D scanning tools.


Whether our client is tasked with building, renovation, or demolition an accurate understanding of their project’s existing conditions is an invaluable tool. 3D scanning provides safety, precision, and peace of mind.


We recognize the need for confidentiality and discreteness from our healthcare clients. With the speed and precision of our 3D scanners, we can capture data unobtrusively or without moving anything.


Drawing sets on decade old buildings often no longer account for adaptations that have been made in the life of the space, and this is amplified as time goes on! Our services provide precise and accurate data that can be relied upon to verify existing information.


Spatial allotment equals money for our retail clients. Our services can elucidate undetected opportunity and make assigning locations to manufacturers that much easier.

“We have been using Siteline360 (Makepeace 3D Scanning) for our existing conditions scanning. They are very reasonable and great to work with."

Brian Varney
John Moriarty & Associates