The New Matterport Pro3 is here!

Matterport Pro3 Scanner at a Construction Site

New Matterport Pro3 and Digital Twin Service available from Siteline360

Buying technology online can be impersonal and daunting. You shop for the best price. You look for a recognizable product name. But are you purchasing the right piece of equipment? How do you know? There’s no one on the other end of that server wall who can answer those unique industry specific questions that you have.

You want to talk to someone with industry experience. You need to talk with someone who understands the new technology. We’re here to help you. We understand your unique needs and can answer your tough questions. And because we offer a full line of Matterport products and services, as well as other products and scanning services, you can be confident that we will help you find the best scanning device and services for your business.

MEP Documentation

The Firehouse Project: Post-Demolition

agree that reality capture is the future of architecture, engineering and construction*
agree a 3D walkthrough is better to communicate job site status*
agree that Matterport has improved the way they communicate on projects*



  • Streamline design and BIM modeling processes with digital twin cloud data of site conditions.
  • The Matterport platform integrates seamlessly with your existing software - from SketchUp, to Revit, AutoCAD, and other BIM software.

Facilities Management

  • With Matterport scanning and software, you can capture your building in photo-realistic 3D allowing you to increase ROI and reduce the costs of managing your facility’s design and ongoing maintenance.
  • A Matterport digital twin gives immersive access to critical building intelligence including accurate measurements of the structure and dimensions of the equipment within.


  • Build more efficiently with collaborative project review. Use BIM360 or Procore with Matterport to enable quick and easy collaboration and manage all aspects of your project in 3D.

Features Include:

Depth Technology

Field of View
360° H / 295° V

+/- 20mm @10m

Depth Resolution
100k points per second / 1.5M points per scan

Min Operating Range

Capture Speed
less than 20 seconds per scan

Camera Boot Time
less than 40 seconds

less than 5lbs.

To request more information on the new Matterport Pro3, or to order your's today, contact the Siteline360 Team.