Construction Layout Has Just Been Revolutionized.

Increase Site Layout Efficiency with HP SitePrint

HP SitePrint’s construction layout robot is an innovative solution that will change how layout gets accomplished. This robot is designed to handle projects seamlessly with an all-in-one construction layout management solution. The robot navigates sites and lays out the exact location where walls, windows, doors, HVAC, plumbing and multi-trade hangers need to be installed.

Sales, Service & Training

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HP SitePrint is incredibly precise and can help ensure that all measurements are accurate. This can prevent costly mistakes and and redo’s.

With HP SitePrint, you can complete tasks quickly and efficiently. This can speed up the construction process and help you meet your deadlines.

HP SitePrint is designed with safety in mind. It can be operated from a safe distance, reducing the risk of injury to workers.

HP SitePrint is a game-changing robotic solution that is helping construction companies improve their operations and achieve greater success.

HP SitePrint in Action

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Avoid errors thanks to text printing capabilities

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Robust design to adapt to construction environment

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Breakthrough precision on drop positioning of +/-3mm

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